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Do you have a passion for making a difference? Do you want to get involved in an endeavor that has an impact on Americans' lives and livelihoods? Would working in such an atmosphere with coworkers who have your back and leadership that looks out for your long-term success be of interest to you?



$120,000 - $170,000




$85,000 - $110,000




$45,000 - $60,000


Pay Range


PAY RANGE: $120,000 - $170,000

  • Ensures paperwork requirements are met.

  • Responsible to the operations manager for the safe and efficient running of the vessel he/she has been appointed to command. The company relies upon him/her to set high standard of personal and professional conduct and to set an example to the officers and personnel under his/her command. He/she will remain mindful to the need to maintain moral and encourage sober habits in the crew. He/she will, at all times, give attention to the safety of the ship and crew.

  • Supervise and coordinate the activities of the crew for the efficient operation of the vessel with due regard to giving adequate rest periods, by careful planning and personal attention. Maintain the ship in a clean and efficient condition.

  • Be acquainted with handling characteristics of the vessel, cargo, capacity, equipment, speed, fuel consumption, ballast arrangement, safety apparatus, personnel.

  • Remain fully informed and adhere to all relevant laws, regulations and directives affecting operation of the vessel.

  • Ensures “Notice to Mariners” are posted and updated in a timely basis.

  • Ensures that the vessel equipment is operationally ready to get underway.

  • Identify and respond to potentially hazardous conditions.

  • Ensures stability is maintained as cargo is brought aboard and stowed, or as fuel and other consumables are used by using the Stability letter or the Trim and Stability Book.

  • Understands procedures and be able to receive and pump all fluids and cargo.

  • Identify and prioritize maintenance and repair items in a work list.

  • Set courses, determine geographical position, calculate land fall and avoid hazards to shipping by using such aids as lights, lighthouse, buoys, charts, plotting sheets, sextant, GPS, azimuths or other celestial bodies.

  • Overall responsibility for the safety of the crew and the vessel during emergency situations.

  • Maneuver the vessel to remain in navigable waters and minimize the effects of an emergency situation.

  • Assess the severity of all emergency situations and determine the most advantageous method to combat the emergency.

  • Responsible for the establishment of any damage control, fire fighting procedures and personnel assignments.

  • Summon additional assistance, as required, from other ships, rigs/platforms.

  • Responsible for the ordering of the abandonment of the ship.

  • Ensures first aid is provided to victims.

  • Immediate notification of a death aboard the vessel.

  • Logs, record, and documents pertinent information or circumstances of any emergency, injury, accident, illness or death aboard the vessel.

  • Takes initiative to direct the actions of the emergency squad.

  • Security Officer.

  • Full authority over all officers and unlicensed personnel on the vessel.

  • Follow up on assigned maintenance and repair work list provided.

  • Responsible for the proper watches on the vessel at all times.

  • Remain alert at all times for potential hazards.

  • Responsible for imparting knowledge about the specific features, characteristics and procedures of the vessel operations to crew members and the orientation of all new personnel aboard the vessel.

  • Responsible for posting and maintenance of station bills, equipment and arrangement diagrams, standing orders and company operations and safety manual(s) aboard the vessel.

  • Provide on- the- job training.

  • Responsible for ongoing safety programs aboard the vessel, emergency drills and emphasizing the use of PPE.

  • Ensure that the crew members report potential safety hazards and then take prompt corrective action.

  • Ensure that Documentation, International Load-line, Safety Equipment, De-Rat, USCG Inspection, Master, Mate and fee station licenses and certificates are aboard and up to date.

  • Ensure that the safety, maintenance and reporting requirements of the regulatory bodies of the vessels registry are carried out.

  • Assign work to himself/herself and deckhands, taking in account the weather, schedule, crew size, experience and supplies.

  • Assign work to himself/herself and deckhands, taking in account the weather, schedule, crew size, experience and supplies.

  • Instruct and assist in maintenance and repair. 

  • Train and assign personnel to sea watches and in-port security watches. 

  • Supports ongoing safety program by training deck personnel in PPE, common sense and alertness while on assignments.

  • Recommends personnel for promotion and increase in pay.

  • Ensures moral and discipline.

  • Keeps inventory of amounts and expirations on lifesaving, firefighting and emergency equipment.

  • Holds a valid license by the US Coast Guard.

  • Responsible for the safe and proper stowage and securing of the deck cargo and ensuring all deck cargo brought aboard agrees with the provided manifest.

  • Responsible for the training and evaluation of personnel in the performance of specified duties.



PAY RANGE: $85,000 - $110,000

  • Cleaning the engine room and all machinery. Must be familiar with the use of hand tools and the machinery layout of the vessel.

  • Responsible for the efficient management of the engineering department and to keep the Captain fully informed of the state of the machinery and equipment. Supervises and coordinate activities of crew engaged in operating and maintaining propulsion engines, deck machinery, electrical, refrigeration and sanitary equipment.

  • Inspects, maintains and test safety and lifesaving equipment and systems.

  • Inspects and test the internal communications system and the general alarm systems.

  • Lubricates deck machinery and equipment.

  • Knowledgeable of all the vessels machinery, troubleshooting and routine maintenance.

  • Ensures cleanliness of the engine room, bilges, rudder room and void spaces, maintains engine room watch when underway, examines machinery for specified pressures and flow of lubricants, oils and greases moving parts.

  • Responsible for securing water-tight or gas-tight integrity of the vessel.

  • Emergency repairs.

  • Assist on deck for man overboard crisis.

Engine Room


PAY RANGE: $45,000 - $60,000

  • Performs assigned task including bridge watch.

  • Performs variety of duties to preserve painted surfaces of the ship. Daily maintenance, general upkeep, lines, running gear, and cargo-handling gear in a safe operating condition.

  • Assembles rigging to lift and move equipment or material on board the vessel (Rigger).

  • Gives direction to Overhead Crane Operator engaged in hoisting using radio or hand signals (Rigger).

  • Cleans, paints and does general housekeeping on the vessel.

  • Responsible for handling lines for the mooring of the vessel.

  • Stands watch for obstructions in the path of the vessel.

  • Breaks out, rigs, overhauls and stows cargo-handling gear, stationary rigging and running gear.

  • Ascertain the operating schedule and changes to the number and location of rigs/platforms to be served.

  • Paints and chips rust on the deck or superstructure, splices and repairs cable and ropes using hand tools.

Deck Hand


  • Adhere to and comply with company policies, USCG, and environmental regulations.

  • Works a rotation watch involving 12 hours in a 24 hour period with occasional hours not to exceed 14 consecutive hours.

  • Performs any duty that may be required as part training.

  • May not perform any safety or pollution prevention duties unless the person can produce evidence of having received appropriate Basic Safety Training set forth under STCW95 VI/1.

  • Ensures area of responsibility are secured in adverse weather.

  • Launches life boat / life rafts.

  • Firefighting and damage control.

  • Operates fixed firefighting equipment.

  • Reports any suspicious activity, behavior, cargo or security breaches to the vessel security officer.

  • Document and notify supervisor immediately of any accidents / illnesses / vessel incidents / near misses / etc.

  • Participate and supervise the company’s safety programs.

  • Utilize ”Stop Work Authority” if any personal safety, environmental risk, property damage or company reputation are at risk.

  • Responsible for ensuring the maintenance and use of all necessary PPE.

  • Performs all duties while wearing protective equipment to include foul weather gear, PFD, gloves, boots, eye protection, hearing protection, etc.

  • Responsible for ensuring and supervising the elimination of at–risk behaviors by reducing unsafe conditions and unsafe acts on and around the work site Perform any other additional duties that may be required or assigned.


  • Required to be able to read and write in English, calculate, have estimation skills, posses good verbal presentation, and be able to communicate effectively.

  • Required to be able to tolerate repetitive and prolonged postures involving standing, sitting, twisting, squatting, kneeling, stooping, bending, pushing, pulling, stretching, reaching and reaching to full range from above head to the floor.

  • Required to be able to utilize good dexterity and frequently use one or two hands throughout the work period.

  • Required good balance/coordination when walking over uneven and/or slippery surfaces.

  • Required to have sufficient cardio-respiratory fitness to perform medium - heavy physical labor involving the ability to sit and/or stand for extended time frames, walk for prolonged periods, handle various tools, climb ladders, and climb stairwells.

  • Subject to adverse weather conditions including rough seas, cold, wet, elevated temperatures and humid conditions.

  • Required to be able to lift at least 100 pounds from floor to waist.

  • Required to be able to lift at least 75 pounds from floor to shoulder.

  • Required to be able to lift at least 25 pounds from floor to head.

  • Required to demonstrate 90 pounds of grip strength in dominate hand and 80 pounds in non-dominate hand.

  • Required to demonstrate physical demand requirements during initial pre-employment physical and any future physicals while employed.

  • Able to repeatedly walk the length of the vessel.

  • Black Water


    • Group Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance

    • Short and Long-Term Disability Insurance

    • Voluntary Life Insurance

    • 401(k) Retirement Plan

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